Add value services

Cash In Desk solution helps retail to add services provided to client. Like as payments, money transfers, topup accounts, cash outfrom accounts. Retail will received profits from operations's fee. Cash In Desk provide additional profit from square meter without special investments, additional staff and other. Solution Cash In Desk can be applied in any size and type of retail: from small corners shop till big supermarkets, from ToGo points till cafe and reastaurants. New services attract and hold clients.


Easy and friendly 

No needed  special trainings for staff, Cash In Desk same easy like use smartphone. For support you can use remote connections from Support Center or provide traning videoclips for staff about new products, functions or services. Compact design of Cash In Desk terminals provide possibility install it in any small place on cashdesk, or use it like handle device. Cash In Desk can work together with any cashier desk equipment or be multifunctional cashier desk device.


Additional profit from same place

All what you need for installing and using Cash In Desk solution on your retail - you already have. It is electricity, any type of data network and staff. It is meen no need special investment. Just use it. Cash In Desk can be installed on cashier place, or puted on reserved place, or working like self service terminal. All this features provide to retail extra profit from same square meters without investment.

Please fill form and send us request about Cash In Desk. We will answer to you in short time. 

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