Cash In Desk solutions

Bridge between cash and cashless. New channel for service and product sales. Easy install, easy use, easy maintenance


Expand bank network with low investment 
Cash In Desk technology helps banks to improve service for clients. Bank stay close to client and provide services in any place, 24/7. Using Cash In Desk technology provide to bank chip solutions for expanding bank's network. More information

Improve profit from square meter.
Cash In Desk technology provide to retail new profits. Retail can provide any payment services for clients in supermarkets, corner shops, cafe, petrol stations. Cash In Desk solutions help to receiving additional profit from square meter without additional investments and help to attract new clients. More information 


Profitable invetments.
Cash In Desk provide to investors very profitable solution. Investor can use it for self business or sale Cash In Desk network for other banks, retails and service providers. One Cash In Desk terminal can provide unlimeted services for many banks, service providers and others. More information

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